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SOMEONE TOLD ME: Produced with Rick Cunha, and arranged with Rick and Bill Severance, with additional horn arrangements by Chad Watson, this is Jude’s first CD done completely in LA. Featuring, in addition to Rick, Bill and Chad,  the superb LA  musicians  David Jackson, Doug Livingston, Steve Rankin, Rosemary Butler, John Hatton, and Matt Margucci. Included here are Jude’s meditation on Flight 93, THE FRONT LINE, and his homage to the music of his youth, DOO WOP 59’.
BETWEEN THE SHADOWS: Many of these songs were written or re-worked when Jude first came to LA for  a three month experiment. He remembers searching for lyrics on his walks through Franklin Canyon. It was the end of the century and the beginning of a new life on the coast-a lonely life with his wife still in NYC. He and Sylva made the pilgrimage to the site of James Dean’s death on her first visit to the coast;  the back cover of the CD is a picture taken on that trip. The song, JAMES DEAN, was completed at this time. The album also includes Jude’s goodbye to the 20th century, the title song BETWEEN THE SHADOWS. Once again, Carver Blanchard contributes his tasteful lead and accompanying guitar work.
A SIMPLE MATTER OF TIMING: This second effort was also done in the Big Apple under the tutelage of Carver Blanchard. Jude is especially proud of the jazz arrangement on the title song, sparked by Carver’s insightful guitar work. Stylistically it is of a piece with HAUNTED, again featuring Carver on guitar, Glen Saunders on the big base, and Tom Burnett on Keyboards. It includes THE SYLVA SONG, which he sang to his then new bride at their wedding, and what have become favorites, CALLA’S SONG, YOU’VE BEEN WATCHIN’ ME, AND THE 48 DOLLAR TIP.
HAUNTED: This is Jude’s first CD. It was recorded in New York  under the guidance of his good friend, Carver Blanchard, who also is featured prominently on the album. Downtown performance artist, TOM BURNETT is on keyboards. It includes the underground classic, BLUE COLLAR, as well as some of Jude’s own favorites like THE CALM and FINDING YOU. It’s essentially acoustical, with a standup base, electric piano, and vocals. This is the quiet, intimate sound that has become Jude’s trademark.
  A LIFETIME TO SHOW: This is Jude’s latest cd, A LIFETIME TO SHOW, self produced in LA under the guidance, once again, of the very talented Rick Cunha at the Rainbow Garage. The tunes were arranged by Jude and Bill Severance, who also handled the drums. In addition to Jude on vocals and guitar, it also features Craig Stull on guitar, Doug Livingston on keyboard, Jeff Takiguchi on bass, Chad Watson on trombone, and Steve Rankin on mandolin. All the songs are original except THE MERRY GUIDE, which has original music for the epic A.E. Housman poem. The album includes the country offering, HE’S THE KIND OF MAN, as well as adult alternative efforts NEVER ENTERTAINING NEVER, FORBIDDEN FRUIT and THE GHETTO JAG.
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